This article is part 15 of the "21 Thoughts on Video Streaming in 2021"-series.

Andrea Fassina (Senior Software Engineer at Sky Italia) talks about video summarization in his 2021 prediction.

I think an interesting trends for 2021 is media/video summarization. For example,
- video + text analysis for detecting offensive memes on FB
- AI in detecting <13 year olds account on social networks, through computer vision and age estimation

According to Wei et al, "Video summarization is the process of distilling a raw video into a more compact form without losing much information". Surya Remanan also references this quote on her blog post on Deep learning-based video summarization.

So, it looks like video summarization is a popular research field. There are 150+ hits on Google Scholar. An Adobe blog post on Leveraging AI and Deep Learning for Video Summarization is a good read. Andrea also links a recent blog post by AWS on "Saving time with personalized videos using AWS machine learning".

My personal interest in video summarization would be related to recommendation systems, and how it can be used to enhance related search results. Additionally, like Andrea said, it would also be useful to detect and flag (offensive) content.