Time for a new series: 21 Thoughts on Video Streaming in 2021!

What's the deal?

  1. First, I reached out to video industry insiders, and asked them about their hot take on video streaming in 2021.
  2. Second, I shared (their) 21 nuggets of wisdom on LinkedIn. (Join the conversation!)
  3. Third, each week, I share my feedback on their take (as a new blog post). These posts provide context for the OTT newcomer (or non-tech reader).

What's the schedule?

  1. Feb/04: "CBCS versus CMAF versus TS" by Will Law (Akamai)
  2. Feb/11: "Low Latency, LL-HLS, LL-DASH" by Will Law (Akamai)
  3. Feb/18: "WebRTC and AV1" by Will Law (Akamai)
  4. Feb/25: "Common Media Client Data" by Will Law (Akamai)
  5. Mar/04: "Generation Stream" by Nick Carlson (Hulu)
  6. Mar/11: "Open DRM" by Jan Devos (VRT)
  7. Mar/18: "Radio Streaming" by Jan Devos (VRT)
  8. Mar/25 "HEVC "by Jeremy Brown (Optus Sport)
  9. Apr/01: "Virtual Reality" by Cecilia Tellechea (THEOplayer)
  10. Apr/08: "Enterprise Latency and Telemetry" by John Deutcher (Microsoft)
  11. Apr/15: "Buy versus Build" by Leandro Morera (Globo)
  12. Apr/22: "Documentaries" by Ben Johnson (Wicket Labs)
  13. Apr/29: "Hybrid live streaming" by Phill Cluff (Mux)
  14. May/06: "Cost-cutting" by Matthijs Langendijk (24i)
  15. May/13: "Watch Together, Pre-Integrations" by Anna-Katharina Reykowski (Verizon Media Platform)
  16. May/20: "Low-level Media Access" by Shane Afsar (LinkedIn)
  17. May/27: "Collaboration" by Magnus Svensson (Eyevinn Technology)
  18. Jun/03: "CMAF, Vod2Live, SDR-to-HDR" by Nick Krzemienski (Fubo TV)
  19. Jun/10: "Video Summarization" by Andrea Fassina (Sky Italia)
  20. Jun/17: "Metadata" by Nicolas Weil (AWS Elemental)
  21. Jun/24: "The Chase" by Adriaan Bloem (MBC)
  22. Jul/01: "Scaling Low Latency for All" by Negar Hajihoseini (THEOplayer)
  23. Jul/08: "Codec Wars" by Krishna Rao Vijayanagar (OTTVerse)
  24. Jul/15: "Ad Tech" by Krishna Rao Vijayanagar (OTTVerse)
  25. Jul/22: "Fight for Eyeballs" by Krishna Rao Vijayanagar (OTTVerse)

(Yes, I know that 25 > 21.)