I watched Google I/O 2022 so you don't have to! Below are crisp summaries of what Google has in store for us on Google TV, Android TV, Android Media and ExoPlayer.

Google I/O is Google's yearly developer conference. If you're a video streaming enthusiast, I'd recommend you to spend 30 minutes watching the presentations on "What's new with Android TV and Google TV" and "What's new in Android media". If you can spare two hours, you could watch the keynote – or skim a recap.

The next two sections outline these first two presentations. Click the timecode in "the timeline" (below the video) to be taken to that part of the presentation. (You might need to click the Play-button again on some devices to resume video playback.)

What's new with Android TV and Google TV (in 2022)

This talk focuses on reviewing their recent progress, recapping Android 12, and highlighting the (upcoming) Android 13 updates.

The timeline:

  • 02:23: Majority of the newly activated devices run Google TV instead of Android TV. Remember: Google TV is the successor of Android TV.
  • 02:40: Profiles & Kids profiles (personalized)
  • 04:49: Virtual remote (with the Google TV app)
  • 05:30: Cast from Google TV app (which aggregates content)
  • 07:58: Android 12 recap (framerate switching; 4K UI; text scaling; kids profiles)
  • 09:00: Android 13 (performance & quality; input & accessibility; multitasking)
    • 09:12: AudioManager (useful to find best audio format for the active device)
    • 11:09: HDMI state changes (e.g. pause content if HDMI device is no longer the active source)
    • 11:26: Keyboard layouts
    • 12:08: Audio description (system-wide preference that allows users to enable audio descriptions across apps through AccessibilityManager API)
    • 12:45: Picture-in-Picture (including expanded PiP and Keep-clear API)
    • 16:18: Media Controller Test
    • 16:45: MediaSession Validator

What's new in Android media

Media3 is Android's collection of libraries related to media playback, including ExoPlayer. This talk focuses on the new Android 13 capabilities, as well as updates to ExoPlayer.

The timeline:

  • 00:50: New platform capabilities in Android 13
    • 01:06: HDR video (for use cases related to editing)
    • 04:52: Spatial Audio through the Spatializer Class
      • ExoPlayer 2.17 has support for spatial audio
    • 07:20: MIDI 2.0
  • 07:48: Media3 & ExoPlayer
    • 09:01: New features in ExoPlayer
    • 09:43: Performance Class and Jetpack Core Performance Library
    • 11:55: Using AV1 for content delivery

That's it. That's the post. 🏳