So, 30th of November until the 6th of December!


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Google Developers Blog 2020-12-01 Aligning thousands of Billie Eilish covers in an infinite music video experiment

Company Blogs

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AWS Media 2020-12-03 [Updated 12/10] re:Invent Week 1: Watch Media & Entertainment sessions on-demand
  • There are some pretty good on-demand videos here!
Bitmovin 2020-12-02 132nd MPEG Meeting Takeaways: MPEG Continues to Progress – First Meeting with the New Structure
Showmax 2020-12-03 Turning a major failure into series of improvements

Encoders, Transcoders, Packagers

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Bitmovin Encoder 2020-12-01 Encoder 2.59.0
Verizon Media Platform 2020-12-03 Slicer Release 20112300


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IAB Tech Lab 2020-11-30 More Efficiency and Transparency for your Video Ads with the SSAI VAST Macro Guidance
IMA HTML5 2020-12-02 3.427.1
  • No big changes.


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Google Cast 2020-12-03 December 3, 2020
  • No big changes.


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ExoPlayer 2020-12-01 r2.12.2
JW Player Android 2020-12-01 3.19.0