So what's new between the 21st and 27th of September? Well...

  • The <video>-dev community had their 24h global livestream. That was pretty cool!
    The Google Sheet at contains an overview of all talks, and has a Twitch-timecode-link associated with every talk for accessibility purposes. Feel free to comment suggestions/changes as I'm happy to add them!
  • Some great new Google content is out there. ExoPlayer 2.12.0 is available, and they also did a blog post on MediaPipe 3D face transformations. Also: Android 11 is now available on Android TV.
  • New resources have been added to

Let's take a closer look.


Source Date Item
Firefox Beta 2020-09-22 82.0beta
  • Nothing related to streaming.
Firefox Nightly 2020-09-21 83.0a1
  • "Developer Information" is not available. :(
Firefox Nightly News 2020-09-23 These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 80


Source Date Item
Google Developers Blog 2020-09-25 MediaPipe 3D Face Transform
  • Pretty cool.

Company Blogs

Source Date Item
Awesome Video 2020-09-22 Merge pull request #15 from adrg/add-libvlc-go
AWS Media 2020-09-22 Solving OTT workflow challenges with AWS
  • How Float Left uses AWS.
AWS Media 2020-09-21 Zee5 inserts millions of ads in live and VOD content using AWS
  • How Zee5 does SSAI with AWS.
Bitmovin 2020-09-21 Bitmovin’s Intern Series: Analyzing Docker images for optimal sizes
  • Bitmoving on reducing the sizes of Docker images. Not really video related though.
Mux 2020-09-21 Timeout. Let’s try this again. Tuning timeouts and retries at scale.
  • More about DB management and reliability.
Disney Streaming Services 2020-09-23 Keeping it Fresh on the Web
  • Disney+, CDNs and revalidation.
Mux 2020-09-25 Mux API: With GraphQL Powered by OneGraph
  • Mux on going from REST to GraphQL.
THEOplayer 2020-09-24 Low Latency DASH (LL-DASH)

Encoders, Transcoders, Packagers

Source Date Item
Bitmovin Encoder 2020-09-22 Encoder 2.54.0


Source Date Item
Prebid.js 2020-09-22 Prebid 4.9.0 Release
IAB Tech Lab 2020-09-24 Privacy, Data, and Identity for CTV Advertising
IAB Tech Lab 2020-09-24 CTV Advertising Standards: IAB Tech Lab Standards & Guidance
IMA HTML5 2020-09-23 3.411.1
  • Changes to deep link behavior on Android 6 and older.

Operating Systems

Source Date Item
Windows 2020-09-22 Announcing more ways, we’re making app development easier on Windows
  • Interesting if you're creating Windows apps.
Xbox One 2020-09-23 OS version: 10.0.19041.4172 (rs_xbox_release_2008.200921-1330)(1)


Source Date Item
Android 2020-09-22 Introducing Android 11 on Android TV
  • Benefits for Low Latency, gamepad and testing.


Source Date Item
Azure Media Player 2020-09-21 2.3.6
ExoPlayer 2020-09-21 2.12.0
hls.js 2020-09-22 v0.14.13
JW Player Web 2020-09-21 v8.17.5
Clappr 2020-09-23 0.4.1
JW Player iOS 2020-09-24 3.18.0
VHS 2020-09-25 v2.2.0

Programming Languages

Source Date Item
Swift 2020-09-22 Introducing Swift on Windows


Source Date Item
SRT 2020-09-25 v1.4.2
  • Latest update was in Dec 2019.