Between the 13th and 19th of July,

  • Amazon released a low-latency product based on the Twitch stack.
  • Firefox is rethinking the discoverability of their PiP feature.


Source Date Item
Firefox Nightly News 2020-07-17 These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 76
WebKit 2020-07-16 Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 110
  • Changes to WebRTC (support for VP9, ...)

Company Blogs

Source Date Item
AWS Media 2020-07-16 Setting Up for Streaming with Amazon Interactive Video Service
AWS Media 2020-07-14 How to use Amazon Rekognition video for product placement in video
Bitmovin 2020-07-15 Living in a Multi-Codec World – Future Codecs revisited
Hotstar 2020-07-14 GoCD on Kubernetes
Netflix 2020-07-17 Empowering the Visual Effects Community with the NetFX Platform


Source Date Item
Conviva SDK 2020-07-14 Release version 4.0.5
Conviva SDK 2020-07-14 Release version 4.0.4

Encoders, Transcoders, Packagers

Source Date Item
Bitmovin Encoder 2020-07-14 Encoder 2.49.0
  • Added support for HLS I-FRAME playlist generation.


Source Date Item
React Native 2020-07-14 v0.63.1


Source Date Item
IMA HTML5 2020-07-16 3.396.0
  • Minor changes.
IMA HTML5 2020-07-14 3.395.0
Prebid.js 2020-07-17 Prebid 3.26.0 Release
SIMID 2020-07-16 added index.html (#358)

Operating Systems

Source Date Item
Windows 2020-07-14 Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19042.388 (20H2)
Xbox One 2020-07-14 OS version: 10.0.19041.3503 (rs_xbox_release_2007.200709-1200)(1)


Source Date Item
hls.js 2020-07-16 v0.14.3
hls.js 2020-07-15 v0.14.2
hls.js 2020-07-13 v0.14.1

Programming Languages

Source Date Item
Swift 2020-07-15 Introducing Swift Service Lifecycle