Between the 6th and the 12th of July,

  • The Hulu Design Team picked up their pen and wrote about the "Ten Feet Experience". They get the 🥎 Weekly Golden Ball!
  • Widevine posted their quarterly update.
  • IAB posted some afterthoughts on an SSAI workshop.


Source Date Item
Firefox Nightly News 2020-07-08 These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 75
  • There is a new WebRTC global sharing indicator on Firefox Nightly.
Edge 2020-07-08 Introducing the Storage Access API
  • Info on this API.


Source Date Item
Google Developers Blog 2020-07-09 Teaching the art of great documentation

Company Blogs

Source Date Item
AWS Media 2020-07-09 Monitoring AWS Media Services using Amazon CloudWatch Events
AWS Media 2020-07-09 Services and tools for monitoring video workflows on AWS
AWS Media 2020-07-06 How-to: Stream your live video to social media sites using AWS Elemental Link
DAZN 2020-07-08 Visualising Front-End Performance Bottlenecks
Hotstar 2020-07-08 Android : Leveraging RecyclerView Effectively with ViewModel
Hulu 2020-07-06 Embrace the 10-ft. Space
  • Takeaways: Keep Interactions Super Simple; Build on What They Already Know; Consider Lean Back vs. Lean In
Hulu 2020-07-06 A Brief Introduction
  • The Hulu Product Design team joined Hulu's Medium blog.
Netflix 2020-07-08 Byte Down: Making Netflix’s Data Infrastructure Cost-Effective
THEOplayer 2020-07-09 LL-HLS Series: Implementing LL-HLS Today

Content Protection

Source Date Item
Widevine 2020-07-08 Widevine Quarterly Partner Update - Q2 2020

Encoders, Transcoders, Packagers

Source Date Item
FFmpeg 2020-07-11 n4.3.1
FFmpeg 2020-07-09 n4.2.4
FFmpeg 2020-07-07 n2.8.17
Verizon Media Platform 2020-07-06 Live Streaming Statistics API now available


Source Date Item
React Native 2020-07-08 v0.63.0


Source Date Item
IAB Tech Lab 2020-07-10 Final Audience Taxonomy 1.1 and Content Taxonomy 2.1 Provide Additional Consumer Privacy Safeguards
IAB Tech Lab 2020-07-07 Solving Tech Challenges in SSAI: Takeaways from a recent workshop at IAB Tech Lab
  • Fast read if you're into SSAI.
IMA Android 2020-07-08 3.19.4
  • Fix a timeout issue.
IMA HTML5 2020-07-09 3.393.1
  • No changes.
Prebid.js 2020-07-09 Prebid 3.25.0 Release
SIMID 2020-07-09 Merge pull request #357 from InteractiveAdvertisingBureau/geolocation…


Source Date Item
Bitmovin Web 2020-07-10 Web 8.39.1
Bitmovin Web 2020-07-07 Web 8.39.0
Bitmovin Android 2020-07-07 Android 2.49.0
Bitmovin Roku 2020-07-07 Roku 1.29.1
JW Player Web 2020-07-07 v8.16.3
THEOplayer 2020-07-07 2020.3.0
Video.js 2020-07-10 v7.9.0
Video.js 2020-07-08 v7.8.4

Programming Languages

Source Date Item
Kotlin 2020-07-08 Add changelog for 1.4-M3 & 1.3.72 plugins update
TypeScript 2020-07-06 TypeScript 3.9.6
TypeScript 2020-07-06 TypeScript 4.0 Beta