This is what changed between the 29th of June and the 6th of July:


Source Date Item
Safari 2020-06-28 Safari 14 Beta Release Notes
  • Supports HTTP/3.
  • Drop support for Flash.
  • Support HDR video playback.
  • Support Picture-in-Picture on iOS iPhone
Chromium 2020-06-25 Changes to quality criteria for PWAs using Trusted Web Activity
WebKit 2020-06-26 App-Bound Domains
WebKit 2020-06-25 Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 109 with Safari 14 Features
WebKit 2020-06-23 Async Clipboard API


Source Date Item
Mozilla Hacks 2020-06-23 Welcoming Safari to the WebExtensions Community

Company Blogs

Source Date Item
AWS Media 2020-06-25 Collaborative live events blend real-time engagement with broadcast video reach
AWS Media 2020-06-22 New – Streamline media analysis tasks with Amazon Rekognition Video
  • Introduction on using Amazon Rekognition Video to detect black frames, end credits, and more.
Bitmovin 2020-06-25 Video Tech Deep-Dive: Live Low Latency Streaming Part 2
  • Nice collection of information on MPEG-DASH manifests and low latency.
Mux 2020-06-26 Respond to and Resolve Incidents with the Real-Time Dashboard
Mux 2020-06-22 Traversing the First Mile: Considerations for Live Streaming Ingest


Source Date Item
Conviva SDK 2020-06-24 Release version 4.0.3
Conviva SDK 2020-06-24 Release version 4.0.2

Encoders, Transcoders, Packagers

Source Date Item
AWS MediaPackage 2020-06-24 Moved the maximum live manifest length from hard quota to soft quota


Source Date Item
IAB Tech Lab 2020-06-24 With The End Of Browser Cookie Support, What Will Happen To Measurement And Attribution?
IMA Android 2020-06-22 3.19.2
IMA HTML5 2020-06-22 3.392.0
Prebid.js 2020-06-25 Prebid 3.24.0 Release
SIMID 2020-06-26 New named version Version 1.0.1 (#348)


Source Date Item
Android 2020-06-25 Android 11 Developer Preview on Android TV


Source Date Item
Bitmovin Web 2020-06-23 Web 8.38.0
Bitmovin iOS 2020-06-24 iOS 2.48.0
Bitmovin iOS 2020-06-23 iOS 2.47.0
Bitmovin Android 2020-06-23 Android 2.48.0
Bitmovin Roku 2020-06-23 Roku 1.29.0
Clappr 2020-06-28 0.4.0
ExoPlayer 2020-06-23 r2.11.6
hls.js 2020-06-26 v0.14.0-rc.2
JW Player Android 2020-06-25 3.15.0
Radiant Media Player 2020-06-22 5.9.1