So you're probably wondering what happened in OTT between the 8th and 14th of June?

  • Apple improved their video handling. Check out their 108 patch notes if you were struggling with PiP, fullscreen and switches between unencrypted and encrypted content.
  • HLS.js went into 0.14.0, Shaka Player in 3.0.0 and THEOplayer is using a new versioning scheme.
  • The PiP W3C implementation status page received an update. The 🥎 Weekly Golden Ball goes to the contributors of this specification.
  • (In other news: you can now install the Android 11 Beta if you have a recent Pixel device!)


Source Date Item
WebKit 2020-06-11 Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 108
  • Made Picture-in-Picture more robust.
  • Made Fullscreen mode more robust.
  • Improved transition between encrypted and clear content.
  • (Plus other fixes/improvements.)


Source Date Item
Google Developers Blog 2020-06-10 Unwrapping the Android 11 Beta, plus more developer updates

Company Blogs

Source Date Item
AWS Media 2020-06-10 How AWS live streams re:Invent

Encoders, Transcoders, Packagers

Source Date Item
Bitmovin Encoder 2020-06-09 Encoder 2.47.2


Source Date Item
Flutter 2020-06-09 1.20.0-0.0.pre


Source Date Item
Xcode 2020-06-11 Xcode 11.6 Beta Release Notes


Source Date Item
IMA HTML5 2020-06-10 3.390.0
  • No fixes or improvements.
IMA HTML5 2020-06-08 3.389.0
  • No fixes or improvements.
Prebid.js 2020-06-11 Prebid.js 3.23.0 Release


Source Date Item
Android 2020-06-09 Introducing Google Play Asset Delivery


Source Date Item
hls.js 2020-06-11 v0.14.0-rc.1
  • Nice DRM-related improvements!
JW Player Android 2020-06-08 3.14.0
JW Player iOS 2020-06-10 3.15.0
JW Player Web 2020-06-11 v8.15.2
Radiant Media Player 2020-06-08 5.8.6
Shaka Player 2020-06-08 v3.0.0
THEOplayer 2020-06-10 2020.2.1
  • THEOplayer switched to a new versioning scheme! ..<release_in_quarter>.
Shaka Player 2020-06-11 v2.5.13


Source Date Item
Picture-in-Picture 2020-06-11 Merge pull request #153 from w3c/edge-implementation-status