Between the 1st and 7th of June, the video streaming didn't do a whole lot. More important things are happening in the world, and if we would be awarding any Weekly Golden Ball, it would go to the protesters addressing the murder of George Floyd.

  • Radiant Media Player deprecated support for IE11. πŸ™ (That being said, writes that there are almost as many people on IE11 as on Edge...)
  • Eyevinn Technology wrote a good article on the age-old discussion of Buy-versus-Build.
  • The IAB started a spec to deal with "Data Deletion Request Handling". (I guess we're not against it?)

Also, a question to you, the reader: which sources should we add to our tracking list? What is a website or product (related to the OTT industry) you are interested in? (Email us!)


Source Date Item
Firefox Beta 2020-06-02 78.0beta
Firefox Nightly 2020-06-01 79.0a1


Source Date Item
Mozilla Hacks 2020-06-02 New in Firefox 77: DevTool improvements and web platform updates

Company Blogs

Source Date Item
AWS Media 2020-06-01 Creating a secure video-on-demand (VOD) platform using AWS
AWS Media 2020-06-04 Master control and distributed remote production on AWS with GV AMPP from Grass Valley
Disney Streaming Services 2020-06-04 Chaos Engineering: Intro
Eyevinn Technology 2020-06-05 Build or Buy?
Zattoo 2020-06-04 Repeatable double-click and hybrid clicks solution with useDoubleClick hook

Encoders, Transcoders, Packagers

Source Date Item
AWS MediaTailor 2020-06-03 Ad Suppression is available for DASH
Bitmovin Encoder 2020-06-03 Encoder 2.47.0
Azure Media Services 2020-06-01 June 2020
Verizon Media Platform 2020-06-05 New Monitoring Metric: SCTE Last Seen
Bento4 2020-06-06 v1.6.0-636


Source Date Item
Flutter 2020-06-04 1.17.3


Source Date Item
IMA HTML5 2020-06-02 3.388.1
Prebid.js 2020-06-03 Prebid 3.22.0 Release
IAB Tech Lab 2020-06-05 The industry’s first standard for handling user data deletion requests (CCPA)


Source Date Item
iOS iPadOS 2020-06-03 iOS & iPadOS 13.5.5 Beta Release Notes
tvOS 2020-06-03 tvOS 13.4.8 Beta Release Notes


Source Date Item
Azure Media Player 2020-06-01 2.3.5
Radiant Media Player 2020-06-03 5.8.5
Radiant Media Player 2020-06-02 5.8.4
  • Deprecated support for IE11.
Bitmovin Web 2020-06-05 Web 8.36.2
ExoPlayer 2020-06-05 r2.11.5

Programming Languages

Source Date Item
TypeScript 2020-06-04 TypeScript 3.9.5