Between the 18th and 24th of May:

  • JW Player took their FireTV release notes offline.
  • AWS posted a lot of articles on their blog.
  • Bitmovin published a neat introduction article on upscaling video content, and grab the 🥎 Weekly Golden Ball.
  • Mux published a neat introduction article on monetizing content.
  • Microsoft shared the latest from Build 2020.


Source Date Item
Edge 2020-05-19 Everything new from Microsoft Edge at Build 2020

Company Blogs

Source Date Item
AWS Media 2020-05-21 Cloud-optimized Channel Origination with Imagine Communications’ Versio Playout Solution
AWS Media 2020-05-21 Delivering rugged video and spatial streaming capability in a flexible, cost-effective solution
AWS Media 2020-05-19 Monitoring AWS Elemental MediaStore with Amazon CloudWatch metrics
Bitmovin 2020-05-20 Video Tech Deep Dive: Super Resolution with Machine Learning P1
  • An article on temporal and spatial upsampling.
Hotstar 2020-05-22 Building Audience Manager — Hotstar’s Growth Marketing Toolkit
Mux 2020-05-19 6 Ways to Monetize Video
THEOplayer 2020-05-18 High Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP): Reducing Bandwidth Consumption by up to 20%

Encoders, Transcoders, Packagers

Source Date Item
Bitmovin Encoder 2020-05-19 Encoder 2.46.0
dav1d 2020-05-20 dav1d 0.7.0 'Frigatebird' the fast and lean AV1 decoder
  • The new major update, Frigatebird, increases the speed on all platforms.
FFmpeg 2020-05-21 n4.2.3


Source Date Item
Xcode 2020-05-24 Xcode 11.5 Release Notes


Source Date Item
IAB Tech Lab 2020-05-20 Brand safety in the age of COVID-19
Prebid.js 2020-05-22 Prebid 3.20.0 Release
  • New adapters for Rakuten, Trendqube and pubgenius.

Operating Systems

Source Date Item
Windows 2020-05-19 Introducing WinUI 3 Preview 1


Source Date Item
iOS iPadOS 2020-05-24 iOS & iPadOS 13.5 Release Notes
tvOS 2020-05-24 tvOS 13.4.5 Release Notes


Source Date Item
dash.js 2020-05-22 Dash.js v3.1.1
JW Player Android 2020-05-19 3.13.1
Radiant Media Player 2020-05-22 5.8.3

Programming Languages

Source Date Item
TypeScript 2020-05-19 TypeScript 3.9.3