The HLS specification now mentions "Low Latency" mode (AKA LL-HLS), so Apple gets the 🥎 Weekly Golden Ball.  Huray!

What else is new between 27 April - 3 May?


Source Date Item
Chromium 2020-04-29 Keeping spam off the Chrome Web Store
  • Policy changes to Chrome Web Store and Chrome extensions.


Source Date Item
Mozilla Blog 2020-04-28 Which Video Call Apps Can You Trust?

Company Blogs

Source Date Item
Bitmovin 2020-04-30 Developer Network Series: Everything you need to know about Video Compression
JW Player 2020-04-30 Live Channels by JW Player
Eyevinn Technology 2020-05-02 Live Streaming a Tech Talk with a Remote Presenter

Encoders, Transcoders, Packagers

Source Date Item
FFmpeg 2020-04-27 n2.8.16


Source Date Item
Xcode 2020-04-30 Xcode 11.5 Beta Release Notes


Source Date Item
IMA HTML5 2020-04-28 3.383.0
Prebid.js 2020-04-29 Prebid 3.18.0 Release


Source Date Item
Android 2020-04-27 High refresh rate rendering on Android
iOS iPadOS 2020-04-30 iOS & iPadOS 13.5 Beta 3 Release Notes
tvOS 2020-04-30 tvOS 13.4.5 Beta 3 Release Notes


Source Date Item
Bitmovin Web 2020-04-28 Web 8.34.0
Bitmovin Android 2020-04-28 Android 2.44.0
Bitmovin Roku 2020-04-27 Roku 1.26.0
JW Player iOS 2020-04-27 3.13.0
JW Player Web 2020-04-30 v8.13.8

Programming Languages

Source Date Item
TypeScript 2020-04-28 TypeScript 3.9 RC
TypeScript 2020-04-28 TypeScript 3.9 Beta


Source Date Item
HLS 2020-05-02 draft-pantos-hls-rfc8216bis-07
  • Added low latency mode to the spec!